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Mick Warner BLASTS the AFL over what’s happening to ‘our game’

Mick Warner says the game of Australian Rules Football as we know it is being eroded away forever.

He says commercial interests are having too much impact on the sport and our unique game was becoming too Americanised.

He ripped into the “sycophantic Docklands bubble” at AFL House and its push for “night grand finals, names on jumpers and mid-season drafts.”

“It proves the AFL is hellbent on trading away footy’s fundamentals in exchange for cheap commercial concepts, no doubt designed to boost traffic to the AFL’s website and pump extra millions into their already bulging bank accounts,” the 3AW Football newsbreaker said in a two-minute rant.

“We have a game that is in serious danger of becoming unrecognisable to the one we fell in love with.”

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