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Mick Warner questioned Geoff Walsh on Stephenson’s apparent ‘self-reporting’ and it got heated!

Collingwood’s General Manager remains firm that Jaidyn Stephenson did in fact self-report to club officials.

Geoff Walsh joined 3AW Football’s pre-game coverage when a heated discussion erupted between himself and Herald Sun’s Micky Warner.

Warner questioned Walsh to clarify why it was said that Stephenson self-reported when it was also said Jeremy Howe had gone directly to Geoff himself to report the youngster.

“If you believe what you read Micheal, then I would understand why you would arrive at that, but that’s not how things went,” said Walsh.

Warner pushed him further and asked if Stephenson’s comments ‘you cost me the multi’ to Howe triggered the investigation.

“I’m not privy to discuss the content of discussions,” said Walsh.

“He had discussions with a number of people including Jeremy, who each would have given him their opinion on things.”

Warner concluded that it wasn’t self-reporting and that’s when Walsh really fired up.

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