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Minister says vegan action is “as good as” terrorism

Article image for Minister says vegan action is “as good as” terrorism

Federal Agricultural Minister David Littleproud says the actions of vegan activists are “as good as” terrorism.

Mr Littleproud urged state governments to strengthen trespass laws to stop activists from targeting farmers, and said jail sentences should be imposed on repeat offenders.

“If they’re recidivists and they continue to cause harm and distress, and intimidate innocent Australians, then they’re a risk to society,” he told Neil Mitchell.

Mr Littleproud’s comments come after Prime Minister Scott Morrison dubbed vegan activists “un-Australian green criminals” following widespread protests around the country yesterday.

Aussie Farms, the animal rights charity which lists the locations of hundreds of farms and abattoirs on its website, was made a prescribed organisation under the privacy act last week.

Under the act, the privacy commissioner now has the power to impose fines of over $2 million dollars if the organisation is found to breach the act.

However, Aussie Farms says the privacy act is “irrelevant” to their map of farm and abattoir locations.

Mr Littleproud has also written to the charity commissioner requesting that Aussie Farms charity status be reviewed, but has not yet received a response.

The agricultural minister expressed concern that violence may break out if vegan activism continues.

“Our farmers have gone through a hell of a lot… this is just another kick in the guts,” he said.