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Mornington Peninsula camping ban to be ‘reviewed weekly’

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The CEO of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council says they will conduct weekly reviews of their ban on camping on the foreshore, after a huge outcry from local businesses and long-term campers.

It was confirmed yesterday camping was declared off-limits until February.

CEO John Baker said he appreciated the “urgency” of making the call.

“We are looking at it on a weekly basis at the moment,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“As it stands at the moment we felt we needed to at least put it out there that based on the risk assessment we have carried out it’s unlikely we will be able to do camping.”

He admitted he “felt terrible” about making the decision which impacted many.

The council will be working with the state government whether a cap could be put in place.

“Don’t get me wrong, if there is a possibility we can do something about this, we will.

“It’s an awful, terrible decision we have had to make.”

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