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‘My son and his friend are too scared to go back to school’: Berwick principal powerless to expel troublesome student

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A Victorian MP is calling for drastic action at Berwick Secondary College, after police were called to the school twice in a week.

A huge brawl last week forced the school into lockdown, and the school’s vice-principal was injured while trying to break up the fight.

On Tuesday, a student is believed to have broken windows and had to be restrained by a teacher.

Police confirm they were called to the school after receiving reports of a verbal altercation.

Brad Battin, Victorian Liberal Member for Gembrook, has called on the state government to give the school’s principal the power to expel students.

“The problem is after and what can they do with the student who is the offender,” said MP Brad Battin.

“State schools have lost the power of what the principal can do, they have to go through a lengthy process with the Victorian Education Department.

“No principal ever want’s to expel a student, but when it comes down to the safety of the school community the principal must have the power.

“They are effectively the executive director of that school, at the moment they can’t do that.”

A father of one of students involved in yesterday’s attack, Tim, told 3AW Drive his son is about to take out an intervention order against the student.

“My son and his friend are too scared to go back to school,” said the concerned father Tim.

“They said this child was raging, it took four teachers to reign him in.

“They can’t offer [my son] a safe environment.

“At the moment their hands are tied by the education department.”

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