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National transport body calling for road rules to be tightened around mobile phones

Should drivers be able to touch their mobile phone or smart watch when behind the wheel?

In Victoria drivers are currently allowed to do so, if the device is in a cradle, mounted to the dash of the car.

Director of productivity, safety and environment the National Transport Commission Mandy Mees told Tom Elliott the commission is reviewing three road rules which relate to driver distraction.

“There is one called proper control, but it’s really broad, it doesn’t really tell the community what activities they can or cannot do to achieve proper control,” she said.

“So it’s a bit ambiguous.”

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“If the National Transport Commission gets is way, phones in cradles might be banned,” Tom said.

“And that’s something that the taxi industry and Uber would be up in arms about.

“I don’t think they could function without phones in cradles.”