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NBN head says there’s “no reason” to be worried as rollout reaches conclusion

Tony Jones

The National Broadband Network’s length roll out period is reaching its conclusion.

99.5 per cent of homes and business in Australia can now connect to the NBN, with 150,000 more premises set to be added in Melbourne in the coming months.

But that hasn’t stopped complaints from some residents, expressing concern over issues with the system.

Head of NBN Victoria Ebony Aitken moved to ally fears it the was too complicated to understand, saying the network was simpler to have installed than it seemed.

“When (people) think about the NBN network, they do think there’s a lot of change but it’s not the case.

“We’re looking at adding more information on our website to make sure the community understand it’s a simple process.”

Ms Aitken said the majority of people remained happy with their service.

“Around the in home setup, a range of things can affect speed,” she said.

“There’s no reason to be worried.”

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Tony Jones