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Spring scorcher: Cool, damaging change hits after November record

A cool and potentially dangerous change has swept across Melbourne after the city’s equal-hottest November day on record.

The temperature reached a high of 40.9° at 1.59pm but had plummeted to 26.1° by 3.30pm.

High winds brought the cooler weather but also dust and significant damage.

SES crews have been kept busy with wind damage, and fire crews are battling more than sixty fires.

Winds should become more gentle by early evening, into a cooler evening and stable 20° on Friday.

Today’s winds also pose a health risk for people with asthma and allergies.

The National Asthma Council’s CEO, Siobhan Brophy, told Ross and John today and tonight present a toxic mix.

“Plain ordinary asthma can be triggered by thunderstorms, and the high wind, and the high pollen and the high fire danger, with the smoke haze that comes with that,” Ms Brophy said.

“Adults with asthma should be taking a preventer every day to keep themselves well … and everyone with asthma should have some reliever, so make sure you’ve got that with you today.”

But Ms Brophy also said the thunderstorm asthma event of 2016 showed that days like this can be the first time adults succumb to asthma, so everyone should stay alert.

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Dr Brett Sutton, the Chief Health Officer, told Neil Mitchell people should not overreact, but simply remain vigilant and prepared.

“Don’t restrict your life on the basis of high pollen, because it’s a moderate risk for Melbourne, really,” he said.

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