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Neil Mitchell calls for an ‘urgent’ royal commission into Victoria’s COVID-19 response

There are growing calls for a royal commission into Victoria’s handling of COVID-19, and Neil Mitchell says the need is “urgent”.

Last month, the Australian Medical Association called for a royal commission into the pandemic response.

The Victorian Opposition has echoed those calls.

Neil Mitchell says Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp’s changing story to the hotel quarantine inquiry is the latest incident in a long line of events which prove a royal commission is necessary.

“We’re being treated as fools. There are areas we need to dig into with witnesses compelled and documents seized, and one of them is hotel quarantine” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“There’s … this six minute gap where somebody rang Graham Ashton and told him they were going to use private security. Nobody remembers who it was. Phone records would tell us but they’re not available to an inquiry. A royal commission could get them.

“Who decided on a version of security that led to more than 700 deaths? That alone is reason for a royal commission, but there are others: contact tracing … testing.

“We need answers, we really do. I think it’s urgent.

“I don’t normally like royal commissions. They cost a lot of money, take a lot of time, but by gee, this needs to be done.”

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