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Neil Mitchell: Can Daniel Andrews’s Teflon survive another scandal?

  • East-West Link
  • Huge toll increases via the West Gate Tunnell
  • Skyrail
  • Firefighters deal
  • Rorting ministers
  • Dogs in limousines

These are some of the scandals Neil Mitchell listed that Dan Andrews has so far survived.

“All of them are enough to tarnish most politicians, but not our Premier,” he said.

“This is industrial strength Teflon at work.

“It will be interesting to see if the red shirts cut through it (Wednesday).

“The report is about to lob and a man in the middle [John Lenders – full story here] has quit in advance.

“Now, if this is bad for the government, two things will be fascinating.

1) Will Daniel Andrews be able to blame somebody else.

2) You will wonder how many scandals can he survive.”

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