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Neil Mitchell fumes over latest ADF claim from Daniel Andrews

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Neil Mitchell says Daniel Andrews is either “shockingly misinformed” or being “shockingly misleading” after the Premier claimed it was “fundamentally incorrect” to suggest the Australian Defence Force was available to help with Victoria’s hotel quarantine program.

That comment from the Premier is directly at odds with Federal Defence Minister Linda Reynolds, who told Neil Mitchell in June the ADF was available from day one.

She reiterated that on Tuesday afternoon, releasing an explosive statement that is completely at odds with Mr Andrews’ version of events.

Speaking at the parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) on Tuesday, Mr Andrews made the following comment in relation to the state’s bungled hotel quarantine program.

“I don’t believe ADF support was on offer and ADF support has been provided in very limited circumstances in NSW.

“Not to provide security, as such, but to provide transport from the airport to hotels.

“I think it is fundamentally incorrect to assert that there were hundreds of ADF staff on offer and somehow, somebody said no.

“That’s just not, in my judgement, accurate.”

It left Neil Mitchell incensed.

“If he is seriously trying to tell us that the Australian Defence Force was not involved in other states, in security work, with the job of monitoring quarantine people in the hotels then he is shockingly misinformed, or is shockingly misleading,” Neil Mitchell said.

“You decide which.

“That really disgusts me.”

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