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Neil Mitchell: It’s time for economic patriotism, Australia

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Neil Mitchell has a message for bosses, banks, footy fans and anyone else thinking of their pocket amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s time for economic patriotism,” he told listeners this morning.

“We like to say we are special people in the face of adversity. We say we band together.

“Well, it’s time for that. It’s time to cut your cloth.

“We’ve got enough of a battle with health issues, we don’t need to add greed, price-gouging and unbending attitudes to that.

“I was horrified to see employers being told to take a hard-line with staff — if they self-isolate at home don’t pay until they get sick? That is brutal.

“The banks should put a freeze on mortgage repayments if customers can show they are in strife. Italy is doing it; if they can, so can we.

“To the government: Tax relief for business — big and small.

“Petrol companies: Stop the gouging. Prices should be low and if it isn’t, we should be shaming those companies.

“Footy fans: Stop screaming about your season tickets. Yes, if games are held without crowds it cuts the value of your membership — Let it go, it’s not the time for selfish financial bickering.”

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