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Neil Mitchell: Liberal Party conservatives have failed “massively”

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Neil Mitchell has likened Scott Morrison to “another form of Malcolm Turnbull”, saying the direction of the Liberal Party is unlikely to change under the baton of Scott Morrison.

Neil stayed on air for an extra hour on Friday to deliver the news Scott Morrison will be the 30th Prime Minister of Australia.

It’s finally over (for now): Scott Morrison defeats two challengers to become Australia’s 30th Prime Minister

“Peter Dutton, he started the whole thing and he’s really gained very little, what will he do?” Neil said.

“If there’s someone he disliked as much as Malcolm Turnbull, it’s Scott Morrison.

“What’s all the pain achieved?

“If the conservatives in the party wanted to change the direction of the party they’ve failed.

“They’ve failed massively.

“Scott Morrison is another form, perhaps not as far to the left, but another form of Malcolm Turnbull.”

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