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Neil Mitchell lists three examples that show we’ve let political standards slip

Neil Mitchell has questioned how far society has let standards slip when it comes to what it expects from people in leadership positions.

He listed three examples on Friday of public figures behaving in a way that was unacceptable.

He started with Labor MPs John Eren and Adem Somyurek and their ‘altercation’ at state parliament.

“We’ve got two senior people screaming at each other, in Turkish, in a dining room we subsidise – cheap booze and food,” Neil Mitchell said.

“What were they arguing about? Cost of living? Traffic congestion? The health system? Public transport? All the things we pay them to look after? No.

“It was grubby little power games. Labor factional fights.

“Who can get their snout in the trough the most.”

“They’ve disgraced themselves on our time. On our money.”
– Neil Mitchell

The 3AW Mornings host then took aim at embattled Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce.

“Barnaby Joyce takes stress leave to get his life together but then runs a spin campaign from his kitchen,” Neil said.

“He’s kicking and screaming to keep his job.

“He is full-time campaigning for Barnaby.

“He should stand down.”

Neil Mitchell then moved on to Brett Guerin, the head of ethical standards at Victoria Police who has openly admitted to poor behaviour.

“The head of ethical standards in Victoria Police, Brett Guerin, admits to me on air that he’d been using a false name online to criticise people, including former commissioner Kel Glare, as well as a vulgar outburst at a number of police,” he said.

“Have we really let standards slip that much?”

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