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Neil Mitchell on the latest twist in the red shirts scandal and the Premier’s “disgraceful” broken promise

“Everybody should cooperate and everybody will.”
– Daniel Andrews, July 28, 2018.

Neil Mitchell says the Premier has broken a promise in a “direct” and “disgraceful” manner.

On July 28, Daniel Andrews said the Labor government would assist police with their investigation into the alleged red shirts rort.

It’s emerged today the MPs involved will not.

“Now, their actions are legally sound,” Neil Mitchell stressed on Wednesday.

“They are entitled, like anybody, to be considered innocent until found otherwise.

“They’re entitled to the right of silence.

“They’re entitled to refuse to answer questions.

“It’s legally sound.

“But are they morally sound?

“You are the court of public opinion.

“Do you cop this, or not? Because they think you will.”

Neil Mitchell questioned why those involved were refusing to be interviewed by police.

“Are they hiding something?” he questioned.

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