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Neil Mitchell says ‘mishandled’ Labor crisis puts Premier’s credibility in doubt

As a third Victorian Labor minister departs Cabinet within 24 hours, amid an alleged branch stacking and misuse of funds scandal, Neil Mitchell says the credibility of Premier Daniel Andrews is in question.

“The important point in this is the Premier now, and the credibility of the Premier,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“Yesterday, if he had stood these ministers down pending corruption investigations, which he should have, this wouldn’t be happening now.

“He’s had embarrassment on embarrassment because he mishandled it from the very start.”

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Neil Mitchell says there are four points of inconsistency in Mr Andrews’ handling of the unfolding crisis.

“If Daniel Andrews didn’t know, he should have known!,” he said.

“For a year, I’m told, it has been an open secret in the Labor Party.

“Second, he now says Adem Somyurek is an awful person. A few years ago he described him as a very good friend!

“Third, he says everybody should cooperate with the police … That’s not what the said when the red shirts was on and the Cabinet was refusing to answer questions.

“Fourth, he says it’s been referred to IBAC and the police to investigate. Well IBAC, yes, but I’ve seen the Attorney-General’s letter to the police. It doesn’t request and investigation, it just tells the police the issue has gone to IBAC.”

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