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Neil Mitchell slams ‘dangerous’ protests, clashes with refugee advocate

Neil Mitchell has clashed with a refugee advocate over a planned protest involving the Teachers For Refugees movement.

The teachers will wear t-shirts and badges in the classroom today before heading to the Department of Immigration office at 5pm to protest.

“The catastrophe on Manus Island needs to be in the media and at the forefront of all our politicians’ minds,” Lucy Honan told Neil Mitchell.

It follows two dangerous protests on Tuesday which disrupted Melbourne Cup racegoers.

“It was dangerous, stupid and disrupted average people just going to have a bit of fun,” Neil Mitchell said.

“This era of activism is growing and the Melbourne Cup is going to be a target forever now, I think.”

Ms Honan said the majority of Australians wanted the 600 asylum seekers brought to Australia, despite the government, opposition and High Court ruling otherwise.

“Not going to happen,” Neil Mitchell responded.

Things only got more heated from there…

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