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Neil Mitchell slams ‘disgraceful bias’ in sections of the media, as well as the journalist union

Neil Mitchell says it’s little wonder “people don’t trust the media” in Australia.

He says many media organisations had shown they were anything but impartial during the election campaign.

Neil Mitchell slammed The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance as a “disgrace” over a social media post in the wake of the Coalition’s victory.

It urged those who were “angry” about the result to “join your union” and “together we will overcome any challenge we meet in the next three years”.

“So the journalist union, for heaven’s sake, with a partisan political message,” Neil Mitchell said.

“I’m not a member – I haven’t been for years, I used to be years ago but if I still was, I’d be walking and anybody who believes in honourable journalistic standards should do the same.

“That is a disgrace.

“It confirms every suspicion.”

The post has since been deleted.

Neil Mitchell said “disgraceful bias was not limited to the ABC”.

“Some of the Murdoch papers ran a campaign to get Scott Morrison back and at times it was dishonest – not all the time and not all of them – but sometimes,” he said.

“Some radio presenters in other states were cheerleaders for the conservatives, not commentators – they were cheerleaders.”

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