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Neil Mitchell weighs in on Premier’s plan to extend state of emergency by a year

Yesterday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced he will push for Victoria’s state of emergency to be extended by 12 months, to assist in the battle against COVID-19.

Following intense backlash, Mr Andrews took to social media to defend the proposal.

He’ll introduce a bill in Parliament next week, which needs the support of at least four upper house cross-benchers to pass.

Neil Mitchell says the Premier has either “lost the plot or he’s playing a smart political game”.

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“He’s not Donald Trump. Surely he’s smart enough to know nobody will trust him with unfettered power for a year, and he should be smart enough to know you don’t do something like this and then put your case on Facebook,” the 3AW Mornings presenter said.

“I think this might be the case — it’s an ambit claim.

“Maybe he wants three to six months of a state of emergency … so he demands 12 and ends up compromising to get what he wants.”

Neil Mitchell said a 12 month extension of the state of emergency may be needed, but it shouldn’t be granted in one go.

“He may need 12 months, he may need more, but not in advance,” he said.

“Personally, I don’t see why it can’t be three months or even six months, and then go back to the Parliament and get a further extension with a bit of scrutiny.”

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Image (Andrews): Quinn Rooney / Getty