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NEIL MITCHELL: We’ll pay your mental health tax, Mr Andrews — on two provisos

Neil Mitchell says Daniel Andrews’ expensive new mental health plan is targeting a worthy cause, and expects Victorians will cop the significant cost.

“But there must be strings attached,” Neil told Premier Daniel Andrews this morning.

1. Stop playing politics with mental health

“Andrews yesterday and again today has very seriously said the ‘Time has come’ and ‘We must act now’, and we must.

“But 10 years ago the then Labor government had in front of it a detailed report, Mental Health Matters. It outlined the crisis and called for urgent action.

“The Health Minister then? Daniel Andrews. So don’t look surprised, Premier, and demand urgent action now — that is exactly what happened in February 2009.”

2. Stop the indulgence

“We will pay … but you need to start showing some good management.

“Premier, you blew $1.3 billion on a road we didn’t build.

“You have resided over massive blowouts in building costs

“You have an explosion in the public service that is adding around $1 billion a year.

“You have a history of you ministers rorting the system.

“So, yes, we will cop a new tax because we care about people with with mental health illness.

“But you need to stop wasting our money.”

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The CEO of the Victorian Council of Social Service, Emma King, agreed with Neil Mitchell’s call for checks and balances.

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