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What Neil Mitchell thinks Daniel Andrews must to do on Sunday to avoid a rebellion

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Neil Mitchell says Victorians have reached the end of their tether, and a rebellion is building.

The 3AW Mornings host says today’s new case figure, the lowest in more than four months, will fuel outrage if restrictions aren’t eased significantly on Sunday.

“The people are on the verge of rebellion,” he said.

“These figures today, terrific news, but it’s going to make them angrier if they don’t get some relief.”

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Neil says the Premier hasn’t held up his end of the deal, and Victorians have have enough.

“Most of us have done the right thing,” he said.

“We’ve stayed away from mum and dad, we haven’t visited dying relatives, we’ve locked ourselves inside, we haven’t gone out at night, we’ve copped the police intrusion into our civil liberties, we have lost our jobs, we have lost our businesses.

“The vast majority have done everything right and the deal has been broken.

“Daniel Andrews has not done everything right. His system is sloppy.”

The 3AW Mornings host urged Premier Daniel Andrews to “trust us” and reward Victorians for their efforts to curb COVID-19.

“Daniel Andrews has made a lot of mistakes through this pandemic, but if he gets it wrong this weekend, God save Victoria,” he said.

“He doesn’t need to reopen everything, that would be wrong.

“But he does need to show that he understands something about business, he needs to show that he will trust people to do the right thing in their pubs and cafes.

“He needs to show us he is finally fixing that tracing and checking system.”