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Neil Mitchell’s call to action to honour police who ‘died serving Victoria and serving us’

The police force has been left reeling after the tragic death of four police officers last night.

Neil Mitchell has called on the Victorian community to rally around the police force, after a truck ploughed into the police who were conducting a roadside breath test on the Eastern Freeway.

“Here’s a call to action: I want you, I want average people going about their lives … to stand with Victoria Police today,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“The Chief Commissioner says the signs are already there, he appreciates it, the police appreciate it, but I know what they’re like, the coppers.

“I understand how the police force as one feels the pain. It’s how they are, it’s how they work. Any police officer would be feeling it today.

“They died doing their duty for us and that is why we have got a duty to stand with them.”

Neil Mitchell has called on 3AW listeners to send their messages of support to, which will be passed on to Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.

The 3AW Mornings host also urged Victorians to honour the police by putting something blue outside their homes, and many have already answered the call.

“Nearly 22 years ago we launched the blue ribbon campaign on this program to honour Gary Silk and Rod Miller,” he said.

“We swamped the city with blue ribbons at that time.

“I want to do that again.

“Put blue messages out the front of your house, or on your balcony or something, so police on duty or police driving home get the message: the community is with us.”

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