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Neil Mitchell’s four-point plan to “reclaim the streets” of Melbourne

Neil Mitchell has a four-point plan to help “reclaim the streets” of Melbourne.

It follows yet another chaotic scene in the city sparked by gang-related violence involving youths of African descent.

“It’s time to review the tactics,” Neil Mitchell said.

The 3AW Mornings host has been contacted by a number of former police members since Saturday night’s incident at Collingwood.

Here is Neil’s four-point plan;

  1. MORE DOGS: “Experienced street police tell me crowds like this hate police dogs. They’re worth a number of officers. So, station them at hot spots and have them ready to go.”
  2. MORE ARRESTS: “Action demands quick consequence. Some police tell me they don’t actually have the power to make them. If that’s right, give them the power.”
  3. THE RETURN OF THE FLYING SQUAD: “Trained, equipped and quickly mobile police. Maybe they (still) exist. If so, where were they?”
  4. REVIEW THE LAW: “Years ago there was a thing called the riot act which meant people could be locked up if they didn’t move on after 5-10 minutes.”

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