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Neil Mitchell’s message to Peter Dutton (and a reminder for Bill Shorten)

Neil Mitchell expects Peter Dutton will win the Liberal leadership if a party room vote happens.

He better, anyway…

“I suspect Peter Dutton will win,” Neil said.

“But if he doesn’t win this time, he must say ‘That’s it’.

“Don’t doubt it, as one minister told me this morning from the depths of despair, ‘This is destroying our [the Liberal Party’s] brand’.

“It is farcical.”

Bill Shorten wasn’t spared Neil’s despair this morning.

“To hear Bill Shorten being holier than thou really annoyed me yesterday,” he said.

“He’s the bloke who was in the middle of organising the sacking of two Prime Ministers — Rudd and Gillard — and then he lied to me about what happened.

“Him lecturing the Libs on how to behave is like Donald Trump lecturing the #MeToo movement.”

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