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Neil says a new congestion tax is inevitable — and this interview didn’t change his mind

A new tax for driving into Melbourne’s clogged CBD is inevitable, according to Neil Mitchell.

And his interview with Melbourne council’s top transport official did nothing to dispel that suspicious.

New research released today has shown that Melbourne is the most congested city in Australia.

“A congestion levy on car parking was introduced in 2006 and brings in around $13 million per year — a total of more than $1 billion, enough to not built the East-West Link,” Neil detailed today.

“Melbourne was one of the best cities for congestion, and now it’s the worst … so that tax has been shown to be a fraud, a tax-grab by government.”

“Will they remove it? Wouldn’t count on it.

“But pressure is building for a new congestion tax and, believe me, it will happen.

“My sources tell me it is inevitable we will get a new congestion tax on the city, where you will charged to come into it, or through it.”

Neil Mitchell put that suggestion to the chairman of Melbourne City Council’s transport portfolio, Cr Nicolas Frances Gilley.

“We have put it in our transport policy, it’s there for discussion right now,” he confirmed.

“We’ve discussed it now with lots of people and are absolutely of the view that we should be considering all the things that are possible to reduce (congestion).

“One of those things that definitely delivers (is a congestion tax).”

He listed New York, London and Stockholm as successful case studies.

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