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New alcohol guidelines: Australians told to slash grog by four drinks


Australia’s guidelines for safe drinking have been slashed by more than a 25 per cent.

The National Health and Medical Research Council has updated 10-year advice, cutting back their recommendation from a maximum 14 standard drinks per week to 10 standard drinks per week.

It also says drinkers should not have more than four standard drinks in one session.

The changes come amid mounting evidence of alcohol’s role in increasingly the risk of bowel and breast cancer.

Council CEO, Professor Anne Kelso, told Kate and Quarters many drinkers still didn’t understand the definition of “standard drink”.

“It’s a small (100mm) glass of wine, and many restaurants will poor much more than that — often 180mm,” she said.

“A standard drink of beer would be a pot … and for a spirit it’s a 30mm nip, so a lot less than many people think.”

It was up to Kate to ask the question we all wanted answered.

Kate: Pretty sure I know the answer to this, Anne, but can you accumulate drink points?

“It is important not to exceed the recommendation of four standard drinks on any one day,” Professor Kelso confirmed.

“So we certainly wouldn’t encourage people to store up their credits, if you like, and have all of their 10 on a Friday night.”

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