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‘No confidence’ motion in Daniel Andrews destined to fail

The ‘no confidence’ motion that’s been tabled in Victorian parliament is destined to fail, but that hasn’t stopped state opposition leader Michael O’Brien from taking another swipe at Daniel Andrews.

The Victorian constitution allows for just one no confidence motion every four years and the government’s pandemic response has provoked this one.

Opposition leader Michael O’Brien says the second wave should never have happened, contact tracing has failed, and Victorians shouldn’t still be in lockdown.

He called on Labor MPs to put their “community” first and cross the floor, but that won’t be happening.

Mr O’Brien lashed out at Daniel Andrews on 3AW Drive.

“It was disappointing the Premier couldn’t even be bothered hanging around and participating,” he told Tom Elliott.

“I don’t expect him to like the fact I’ve moved a motion of no confidence, but you’d think out of respect for, not me, but parliament and parliamentary process that Daniel Andrews would do that.

“But he chose not to.

“I think he chose to leave the building, actually, which really just shows the arrogance of the Premier at the moment.

“He’s not interested in hearing any contrary views, or alternative views, it’s all about him.”

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