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‘No’: Melbourne mayor Sally Capp admits her own safety concerns

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne has admitted she doesn’t feel safe walking around her own city at night.

Speaking in the wake of the rape and murder of young woman Eurydice Dixon, Sally Capp said there will be renewed focus on the safety of the city.

She said the focus must be on “the actions of perpetrators”.

Neil Mitchell: Would you feel safe walking around at all hours of the night?

Ms Capp: No. I think the practical outcome of that is ‘No’. And it’s going to be difficult to achieve that, really.

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Follow those comments, police chief Graham Ashton told Neil Mitchell he understands why people might feel that way.

Neil Mitchell: Women should be able to walk anywhere at any time. Realistically, can they?

Mr Ashton: They should be able to … but it’s not a question of rights, it’s a question of risk and people evaluating risk.