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Not the terrine: Plot thickens in MCG mass illness mystery

It’s now believed the rabbit and chicken terrine was not responsible for a wave of gastro that struck diners at an MCG corporate lunch ahead of the Anzac Day clash.

Footy fans passed out in the stands and paramedics treated dozens more after violent illness broke out among guests at Essendon’s President’s lunch.

April 26: The story started on The Rumour File

Seven people were hospitalised.

Victims and those at the scene were quick to blame the rabbit terrine entree, but The Age reports multiple independent tests of that terrine have failed to identify an issue.

The air conditioning was also a prime suspect, but those tests have come back negative.

Ross and John threw open the phone lines for new lines of investigation this morning, with calls suggesting contaminated ice, bottled water and, ahem, bad umpiring.

Meanwhile, it prompted Ross to recall the day in 2005 that mass hysteria was blamed for sickness breaking out at Tullamarine.

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