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NSW introduces tough new laws to target trespassing ‘animal terrorists’, push for Victoria to do the same

New South Wales has just introduced tough new laws for activists who trespass on farms.

Under the new laws, trespassers will be handed a $1000 on-the-spot fine and individuals can be fined up to $220,000.

Corporations could be fined up to $440,00 for trespassing on farmland.

NSW is also considering jail time for repeat trespassers.

John Gommans, owner of the now closed Gippy Goat Cafe, which shut down after being targeted by activists, said he’d like to see Victoria introduce similar fines.

“It would certainly be helpful,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“Farmers have a legal right. They deserve to be left alone!”

Victorian Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Peter Walsh, said the Andrews government doesn’t believe trespassing laws need to be strengthened.

Mr Walsh said the Coalition has pushed for an inquiry to force the government to make a change.

“It’s about just getting enough community pressure to show the Andrews government that they do need to move,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“The current laws are not sufficient to protect farmers and the agricultural sector from animal terrorists.

“We definitely do need law changes.”

The Victorian inquiry into farm trespassing laws is ongoing.

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