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Footage of Porsche speeding along Eastern Fwy last month emerges online

Footage from March of a Porsche sharing the description of the car pulled over by police before last night’s horrific Eastern Freeway crash has surfaced online.

The footage, which was posted from dashcam footage on March 21 and sent to 3AW Breakfast overnight, shows a Porsche speeding past a driver at a staggeringly high speed about 5.10pm on the Eastern Freeway.

The Porsche appears to match the make, model and registration of the vehicle that prompted four officers to pull over on the side of the Eastern Freeway last night before being hit and killed by an oncoming truck.

There is no evidence to suggest the driver of the Porsche in the above video is the same as the Porsche driver involved in last night’s incident.

That driver remains on the run after fleeing from the scene after the crash.

Four police officers killed in horror Eastern Freeway smash