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One of the world’s most trusted doctors is ‘optimistic’ there will be a COVID-19 vaccine within a year

One of the world’s most high-profile doctors, Dr Michael Mosley, says he’s “optimistic” a coronavirus vaccine will be widely available by mid-2021.

Dr Michael Mosley told Neil Mitchell the current vaccine being trialled at Oxford University is backed by two decades of science.

“The Oxford vaccine has been in development for about 10 years now … they’ve tested it extensively over the last 10 years. What they’ve done is just tweaked it for COVID-19,” he said.

“In reality, this is the product of at least 20 years research so I would be astonished if it turns out to be problematic.

“I’m optimistic in a year’s time we will have a vaccine which will be safe and effective.”

But Dr Mosley said the health effects of the coronavirus pandemic will remain for years.

“It’s very clear there are long term effects, particularly if you get it badly,” he said.

“We’re seeing a lot of people who recover but they still incredibly tired, they have gut problems, and these continue on for months and months.

“People who end up in intensive care, the impact of that is likely to go on for years.

“A lot of doctors are very, very worried about the legacy this virus is going to leave.”

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