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Owners should ‘seriously consider’ putting dog down, RSPCA says

The dog which mauled a 10-year-old girl is unregistered and has history of aggression, the local council has revealed.

Authorities had previously heard concerns about dangerous dogs at the property in Berwick and today seized the Boerboel (similar to the one pictured above) and another Bullmastiff at the house.

Neighbours including Jimmy Baird bravely rescued the girl, who is now in a stable condition in the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Chief Executive of the RSPCA, Dr Liz Walker says the data suggests you can’t blame this type of attack on a particular breed, but that its owners need to consider having the dog put down.

“It would have to be something they would seriously consider,” Dr Walker said.

“This is a really tragic and devastating event.”

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It’s also revealed the City of Casey was called to the same property in December after a dog acted aggressively towards a passing jogger, but the incident wasn’t severe enough to warrant the seizure of the dog.

The owners issued with infringement notices but the fines still haven’t been paid.

Photo: AAP