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Paddy Dangerfied reacts to cheeky Josh Jenkins sledge

Paddy Dangerfield won’t be thinking about a possible preliminary finals clash with former club Adelaide until they make it.

But at least one of his old teammates, Josh Jenkins, is already dishing out sledges.

And it sounds like Dangerfield has filed it away.

Jenkins on Fox Footy today: If he (Dangerfield) marches into town with his Geelong teammates, there’d be nothing better than beating him and reminding him that perhaps he should have stuck around with us and he could be a Brownlow medalist and a premiership player.

Dangerfield heard the comments for the first time on 3AW Football today.

He was very quick to play a straight bat, saying his focus was solely on winning the semi-final.

“It’s easy to comment when things are going well. We can’t afford to look two weeks ahead,” he said.


Matthew Lloyd: In the memory bank, Paddy?
Paddy Dangerfield: What do you reckon, Lloydy?
Matthew Lloyd: I would.

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