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Paramedic’s insights into the dangers of the job goes viral

An advanced life support paramedic has shared what she describes as the ‘dark side’ of the everyday dangers faced by emergency workers.

Stacey Heaney, who was been in the job for four years, told Neil Mitchell she supports greater safety measures for paramedics.

It comes amid growing outrage after two women who bashed a paramedic back in 2016 successfully appealed their jail terms.

In an emotive post online, which has since been shared more than 5000 times, she says more needs to be done.

“It’s that common that most paramedics think it’s just part and parcel – we deal with a lot of drug and alcohol and mental health which comes with a lot of violence,” Ms Heaney told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s quite often we do get assaulted in multiple forms.”

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She detailed one incident 12 months ago where she turned up to assist an intoxicated patient lying on a road in Tarneit, only to discover when she arrived with her partner it was a set up.

“Whilst we were locked in the vehicle, this particular patient began to smash and kick the panels of our car and tried to jump on the bonnet of our vehicle,” she said.

Following the incident, Ms Heaney says she assesses the “exit points” every time she turns up to a similar scene.

“I don’t agree with some saying we should be carrying guns and such,” she said.

“I do agree with maybe a pepper spray or something that will give us enough time to get out and get away.”

“Now there’s a thought,” Neil said.

“Carrying pepper spray, that would be a sad indication wouldn’t it.

“A care worker like an ambo having to carry pepper spray.

“Would it be positive or negative?”