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Pauline Hanson’s TV meltdown: ‘She’s no victim,’ says former advisor

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One of the men who Pauline Hanson named in her TV meltdown last night says the One Nation leader’s tears were genuine.

But “she’s no victim,” according to former right-hand man David Oldfield.

In a tearful interview on A Current Affair, Ms Hanson took no responsibility and tried to distance herself from the ratbags she has hired, in the wake of the resignation of her disgraced Senate leader Steve Dickson yesterday.

“I cop this s*** all the time and I’m sick of it. Absolutely sick of it,” she said.

“I’ve had Fraser Anning, I’ve had Brian Burston – I’ve had a whole list of them – David Oldfield, you name them.”

Neil Mitchell described it as “the most emotional political interview I have seen”.

“She lost it and blamed everyone else,” Neil said.

“I don’t suggest it was cynical; she was genuinely on edge and very upset.”

But he didn’t buy her stated motivations of crying for farmers and children of the land.

“Seriously, what has One Nation ever done for Australia other than bring back Mark Latham…”.

For his part, David Oldfield said he had seen that emotion from Ms Hanson before.

“That would’ve been absolutely genuine, that’s how Pauline is,” he said.

“It’s not because she’s worried about farmers. She’s motivated by Pauline

“People fall for that.”

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