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‘People were flying everywhere’: How 3AW listeners told the story


Most of the first reports of yesterday’s Flinders St rampage came from our listeners.

In the aftermath we heard tales of shock, horror and heroism, and heard how Melburnians had reacted.

Irish man Paul Cahalane (pictured above) told Justin and Kate he was still struggling to process what happened.

I immediately knew what had happened … I was still in shock, I just stood in the same place,” he said.

In the immediate aftermath, Sue gave one of the most harrowing accounts, which was repeated by media outlets across the world.

People are running everywhere. It’s terrible.

As it (the car) approached this intersection here … it just mowed everybody down, people were flying everywhere.

Darren wasn’t a witness, but his emotional wife was, and the detail he shared with Nick McCallum was the first witness account that indicated it possibly wasn’t an accident.

She’s on the phone crying to me,” he said. “She’s describing just horrendous things.”

Young mum Ashley was removing a stone from the shoe of one of her little daughters when it all unfolded before her.

Mid-way through the interview she echoed the thoughts of every Melburnian: “I’m hoping this is an accident. I’m hoping this is an accident.”

And it all started with Kearsley and James, the first broadcasted witnesses live from the scene.

“An SUV has rammed through pedestrians crossing the road.”

David wasn’t there but he was moved to call and share

As, he wanted to share a simple message for Melburnians: Love one another.

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