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Photo gallery: Ross and John’s home broadcast + your working from home setups!

Thousands of Australians are working from home this week as measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus ramp up, including Ross and John!

The 3AW Breakfast team are broadcasting from the ‘Bad Room’ at Ross’s house.

Send us the pictures of your working from home set up and we’ll share them here!

Above: Tony has some distracting company while working from home

Above: Kerry is working from home with her four legged office manager!

Above: Angela’s home office advantage/disadvantage: Her cat Calvin spread out over the keyboard!

Above: Fiona working from home

Jane is working from Suva in Fiji, and isn’t keen to leave any time soon!

Above: Mark’s home office

Above: Mark fixing old car radios, stereos at home!

Above: Murray’s 19-month-old daughter helping with some data entry.

Above: Lesley’s work set-up.