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Explosive video: Police filmed cavorting with near-naked women in Inflation nightclub

Neil Mitchell has obtained explosive footage of police inside Inflation nightclub less than two hours before officers shot two patrons at the swingers party.

The CCTV shows what appears to be two officers cavorting with scantily-clad women in a room packed with mostly naked adults about 90 minutes before the shooting.

3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File was alerted to the video’s existence late last week.

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In extended footage seen by 3AW, the men were in the room for several minutes.

“They seem to be having quite a pleasant time, it doesn’t seem threatening,” Neil Mitchell said.

“That will become crucial as this issue (of the shooting) develops.”

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In response to today’s video leak, Victoria Police issued a written statement saying “police are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves professionally”.


All police attendance at Inflation Nightclub on 8 July, 2017 will form part of the investigation that is being oversighted by Professional Standards Command and IBAC .

Police members are expected to attend licensed venues and are regularly approached by patrons who engage them in conversation.

Police are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves professionally.

As the investigation is ongoing it would be inappropriate to comment further.

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