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‘Pointless’ laws: Neil Mitchell calls for support for our paramedics

Neil Mitchell says mandatory sentencing laws have been tried and have failed, with no satisfaction for the victims or the community.

Amanda Warren, 31 and Caris Underwood, 20 yesterday escaped jail time after a judge did not hand down the mandatory six-month sentence for assaulting a paramedic.

“The parliament passed this law for mandatory sentences, only exceptional circumstances will get you out of a mandatory six month sentence,” Neil said.

“The exceptional circumstances, as decided by Judge Barbara Cotterell, these two women who bashed the paramedic, were young, they had troubled childhoods, they had drug, alcohol and mental health problems and nothing would be served by jailing them.

“What about satisfaction for the victims?

“What about community expectation?

“What about deterrent such as it is for idiots like this.”

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“The law is clear, the intent of the law is clear,” Neil said.

“This was the very first time these laws have been tested in court and they’ve failed.

“They’re pointless.”

The CEO of Ambulance Victoria Tony Walker said his paramedics are very angry, and he can understand why.

“My paramedics are assaulted every 50 hours,” Mr Walker said.

“That is not acceptable in any workplace and it’s not acceptable in mine.”

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Mr Walker says he’s seeking legal advice, but he doesn’t see an avenue for action.

He’s also spoken to government figures and understands they’re looking at the legislation.

Image: Ambulance Employees Australia Facebook