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Police considering legal advice to have bail revoked for alleged St Kilda offenders

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton has told Neil Mitchell Victoria Police are considering challenging the decision to grant bail to the five alleged offenders involved in the violent attack on police officers in St Kilda.

Jules Tobin, Kayla Potts, Jack Houldcroft, Trent Potts and Phillip O’Donnell have all faced court been charged and bailed over the Fitzroy Street incident.

Phone vision of the incident has been described as “horrific” and “disgusting”.

“We opposed bail in most cases, there was one arrested later that we gave bail to,” Mr Ashton told Neil Mitchell.

“If we think there’s cases where we need to send a strong signal to our members that we take their safety seriously and we will act.

“I did ask for some advice on that and we’re just waiting for that advice, not to say we will appeal but I just wanted to know what our position would be.

“Depends what the advice comes back as but it’s a possibility.

“I was outraged by it, it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

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