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Police hunt driver of a BMW which rammed a police officer in Mont Albert

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A police officer is in hospital after being struck by a stolen car in Mont Albert this morning.

Police were called to Laing Street, Mont Albert, at around 1am this morning after receiving reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area.

The car, a white BMW which is allegedly stolen, drove at police, striking two police cars.

The vehicle then reversed back but was boxed in by another police vehicle.

Police officers approached the BMW and officers sprayed the driver with OC spray as the car began to reverse again.

The car struck a male Leading Senior Constable before driving off.

The officer has been taken to hospital for treatment.

The BMW and its occupants are on the run.

Luke Cornelius, Assistant Commissioner for Victoria Police, said the two attacks on police overnight are concerning.

“These police rammings do certainly represent a very worrying trend and we’re very concerned, obviously, about our member safety,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“We certainly don’t go to work expecting that we’re either going to be targeted by armed offenders or going to have people lining our police up in their sights and having their vehicles driven at them.”

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