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Power coach ‘hasn’t seen any issue’ with four-umpire trial


Ken Hinkley has no issue with the four-umpire experiment.

Port Adelaide had a good run with umpires’ decisions in a crucial period of Friday night’s win over Melbourne, but Hinkley said the decisions were all correct.

The Power coach said he hasn’t noticed the extra umpire having a major impact.

“I haven’t seen any issue with the free kicks that have been paid,” Hinkley said.

“There hasn’t been an overdoing, or any little tiggy-touchwood ones that are getting paid.

“They seem to be quite clear, and I’ve always said if there’s free kicks there, just pay them. That’ll help keep the game open and flowing.

“We’ve had the four umpires, and I haven’t noticed it that much in any negative or positive way.”

Hinkley also added to comments made by Port’s chairman David Koch on 3AW on Friday night.

Koch said clubs had been disadvantaged by the AFL allowing Hawthorn and Brisbane to conduct training sessions trialing possible new rules.

Hinkley said it’s “only fair” that other teams should be able to see how the sessions played out.

“If they just make the vision available, there’s no problem,” he said.

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Photo: Julian Smith / AAP