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Premier says Essendon North PS is safe, despite parent concerns about asbestos

The Premier says he’s been given advice from experts to say Essendon North Primary School is safe, despite almost 60 parents removing students from the school, due to fears of asbestos.

The Herald Sun reports children had been allowed to keep playing on the school oval after four asbestos fragments were found on it, and in a garden bed, two weeks ago.

When asked about safety at the school Premier Daniel Andrews said, “these are not judgements that I make, these are the experts who have done very detailed testing, they’re confident to give us the advice that the school is safe”.

Sarah, a parent at Essendon North PS told Neil Mitchell she’s not happy with the government’s communication regarding asbestos.

“We need to know what it is and how it effects us,” she said.

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“The child I have there is 8 and I’ve got two kids who have passed through,” she added.

Neil Mitchell said the education department were quick to act after Manor Lakes College principal Steve Warner was filmed allegedly dragging a 9-year-old student  across the school ground., but have been slow when here, childrens’ health could be at risk.

“Within hours of seeing footage of him allegedly dragging a student across the ground he suspends him, but they’ve been mucking around with Essendon North Primary for weeks,” Neil Mitchell said.

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