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Remember Steph? There’s been another twist in her COVID-19 test results

A woman and her partner who have spent five weeks isolating because they were told they had COVID-19 have now been informed they probably never had the coronavirus.

*Steph (not her real name) told Neil Mitchell on Tuesday she’d been twice told she was positive, twice told negative, and had her file “lost” on the system.

She’s done the right thing and isolated at home (unable to work) for more than a month.

Health authorities have since made contact, telling her she is free to come out of quarantine.

Steph told Neil Mitchell she was told it was an “error” and she probably never had COVID-19.

“They don’t believe so,” she said.

“It’s not great.

“I get that there can be human errors, but this is a bit of a joke and I’m not really happy with how they handled it all.

“The lady on the phone deeply apologised.”

Neil Mitchell said it raised further questions about Victoria’s contact tracing system.

“The problem is that there are people who could be told they’re negative and they’re not,” he said.

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