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Richmond should sack duo involved in alleged strip club fight, says Tony Jones

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Richmond should sack the two players involved in alleged fight outside a Gold Coast strip club, says veteran sports reporter Tony Jones.

Queensland Police has confirmed it arrested two men in the early hours of the morning following a “disturbance” at Surfers Paradise.

Not only could the pair yet face criminal charges, it would be yet another breach of the AFL’s strict COVID-19 protocols.

Richmond and the AFL are also investigating.

An exasperated Tony Jones said it was a slap in the face for the rest of Australia, particularly Victoria.

“I don’t want to get on my soap box, but I will ā€“ they are in a privileged position,” Tony Jones said.

“While the rest of us sit through this miserable lockdown, and we know we have to do it, these footballers and their families, to a certain degree, have got this privilege.

“They have been given a golden ticket to get the hell out of Victoria.

“They’ve gone up there, they’re sunning themselves and when they have down time ā€“ as the Richmond players were given ā€“ they can go to a cafe, they can go to the beach and all the rest – there are no restrictions.

“There are no masks, nothing like that.

“All they are asked to do is behave themselves and they still can’t do it.

“Drag them home, sack them and be done with it.”

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