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Richo rips into AFL clubs and their ‘booze ban’ policies

AFL great Matthew Richardson says clubs have gone “overboard” with their booze bans for players, jokingly suggesting “he’s glad” he doesn’t play any more.

It comes after Steven May was forced to apologise to his Melbourne teammates following the emergence of a picture of him with a pint of beer in Richmond.

Richardson said clubs were creating problems for themselves with such strict policies, saying the only reason the May story blew up was because of the club’s own policy.

“Seriously, treat your players like adults and let them have a drink and make their own decisions,” the former Tiger forward said on 3AW.

“And if they decide to have a huge session and decide to do something silly, or rock up to the club and not be able to train properly then they’ll face the consequences for it.

“We don’t treat them like adults. We treat them like kids.”

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