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Riewoldt concerned rule changes might lead to ‘blowouts’


Jack Riewoldt is concerned we may be headed for more ‘blowouts’ in the future.

With the state of the game being hotly disputed in footy circles, the AFL is investigating measures that would improve the standard of the game.

Part of that is increasing the level of scoring, which is on the decline.

But Riewoldt told 3AW Football that might favour the sides already at the top of the ladder.

“If we increase the ability to score, we could turn the game into more blowouts,” Riewoldt said.

“Sides down the bottom of the ladder may end up scoring 60-70 points, but we’ll see sides maybe putting 150 up against them.

The Tiger forward said he expects the league won’t change the “foundations” of the game without solid evidence that it will have the desired effect.

“I think the public trust that this isn’t going to be done on a whim… that if they do make the decision to change the way the game is played and the foundations of the game, that they’ll be doing it for the right reasons.”

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Photo: Julian Smith / AAP