‘Dog act’: Lindsay Thomas blasted over ‘gutless’ Selwood bump


The 3AW Football and Sunday Sport teams have blasted Lindsay Thomas over his bump on Scott Selwood.

3AW Football’s Cameron Ling said it was a “dog act”, while Sunday Sport’s Mark Robinson called it “gutless”.

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Thomas could be set for a suspension after a bump on the Cat midfielder during the Power’s loss on Saturday night.

Selwood played no further part in the match after the hit.

“It was a gutless act,” Robbo told Sunday Sport.

“You either go for the ball or you can go for the unsuspecting opponent. He went for the unsuspecting opponent.

“To me, it’s a cheap shot.

“He’s got a history of thuggish acts.”

Former Tribunal member Daniel Harford said the incident will likely be assessed as careless conduct with high impact to the head, resulting in a two-match ban.

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