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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Eltham teen leaves wallet with $500 at train station

‘GOOD DEED’ told The Rumour File of an anonymous passenger who handed in a wallet they found at a train station at the weekend.

3AW Breakfast has confirmed 16-year-old Eltham resident Macey Chapman left her wallet at the station with $500 she’d received for her birthday the day before.

Her father Jason Chapman said she realised not long after she’d hopped on a train and called him in a panic.

‘She was in hysterics saying she’d left her wallet at the station,’ he said.

‘So I went down to the station hoping I could find it.’

The staff at Eltham train station had been handed the wallet by a Good Samaritan who wished to remain anonymous.

‘Macey was overwhelmed and relieved. We both expected it to be gone,’ Mr Chapman said.

‘It’s good to see that people are still decent.’